Dear Families of Floodwood,

I thought I would start out by introducing myself. My husband, John and I have six children: Nicholas (23), Alexander (20), Patia and Savannah (15), Ian (11), and Hailey (7). We moved to Iron last year after living in Nett Lake for three years. I have been in education for 22 years. I have been a paraprofessional; an elementary teacher; worked as a tutor in the high school; a K-12 principal; a K-3 principal; and a K-6 principal/superintendent. This past year, I was the Northern Pines Regional Center of Excellence Director at the Northeast Service Cooperative in Mountain Iron.

Of course, education is something I am very passionate about. Setting goals and working toward those goals is important to me. Encouraging others to set goals and helping them to achieve their goals is a priority. How do get where we need to go if we don’t have a plan on how we will get there? Right now, a personal goal of mine is to complete my doctoral degree from the University of North Dakota. I’m hoping to graduate in December. My professional goal is to get to know the students and families in our community so we can move toward improving the already great school we have here in Floodwood.

There will be some other new faces around the building as well. We are fortunate to have hired some amazing people to fill the vacant positions. An introduction of these new members will be published once everyone is hired.

Another exciting change for Floodwood will be our Preschool program for three and four year olds. Preschool children will now have the opportunity to attend school four days a week. The new Preschool teacher will be hired soon.

Since our elementary school is a Focus school, we will be working with the Northern Sky Regional Center of Excellence to help us increase our MCA scores. The RCE’s priority is our elementary; the results of our efforts will also greatly impact the teaching and learning in our high school. While the students’ scores determine how we do on MCAs, they are not so much a measurement of the students, but as a measurement of our school and how we are doing with our teaching. What this means is, we will look at our data and our teaching strategies to improve the instruction. If we are going to make a difference, the change needs to happen with our instruction, as this is what directly impacts the learning of the students.

It is going to be a fabulous year at Floodwood! We have a great school with teachers and staff who are dedicated to making sure your child is safe, secure, has learning opportunities that meet their individual needs, and who continue to look forward to ensuring a successful school year for all of our students.

Please contact me with questions or concerns, or just to visit.


Rae Villebrun
(218) 476-2285 ext. 70102

Cell 701-278-1599