Dear Floodwood Families,

I moved onto a ranch in Gowan three years ago from Northeastern Montana with my husband, Clay and our herd of Angus beef cattle (and various other animals). We have six grown children (Melissa, Adam, Matt, Michael, Morgan, and Mack) and three grandchildren (Allie, Noah, and Maeve) who live all over the country - from Massachusetts to Montana!

Some of you may have already gotten to know me as the 3rd grade teacher, but this year I will be the Dean of Students. I’m very excited to begin shaping this new role in the school, branching out to the whole student body. I can look back through my life and see how I have had many experiences that have prepared me for this position.

Aside from raising my children and stepchildren, I have co-founded and managed a daycare, co-founded and managed bagel shops (with many teen employees), homeschooled two of my children, co-founded and taught classes in a homeschool networking cooperative (in two different states), taught Bible classes, directed student productions, was a camp administrator & counselor, substitute taught high school, middle school, and elementary, and was a paraprofessional. I then went back to college to become a professional educator and taught 3-6th grades for the last seven years. The common thread to all these different roles was they involved developing relationships and helping shape the character of young people in varying venues through work, education, faith, and accountability.

I look forward to coming alongside families and teachers helping students find their innate dreams, reach toward their goals, learn from their mistakes, and contribute to their school communities as productive, caring, aspiring students.

Please feel free to pop in to meet me, if you haven’t already! You will find me wandering the halls and cafeteria, visiting classrooms, coaching teachers, and pursuing students’ potential!


Kellee Young