Three things to know about Ms. Lori, She has three daughters, her first hockey game was when she was 4 days old and she loves all things Michigan. Her biggest accomplishment is finishing her masters class!

- Ms Lori- First Grade Teacher


Eli is very good at farming. He is looking forward to summer. What he loves about the Floodwood community and school is that the school is small. His favorite thing to learn about is Shop.

- Eli Fjeld- 8th Grader


Sophia's favorite thing to learn about is reading and writing. What are good characteristics of a good leader are being responsible, being kind, they never give up and they are honest. She is looking forward to going on a trip with her grandma.

- Sophia Boerner- 4th Grader


Braxton's favorite thing to do outside of school is to play Minecraft. He is looking forward to driving a tractor. Three things to know about Braxton is he likes to play Minecraft, he likes to go to his Nana's House and he wants to be a farmer when he grows up.

- Braxton Herrick- Jussila - 1st Grader


Max's biggest accomplishment is the time they ranked in the 95th perecntile for reading star tests, and their scores have been going up since then. Three things to know about Max they were born in Hibbing, their favorite color is purple and their favorite singer is Mitski.

- Max (Dylann) Miller- Freshman