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Daily Bulletin for January 15th

15 January 2019, posted by Deb Torvick

Letter from Superintendent/Principal

14 January 2019, posted by Lois Persons

Daily Bulletin for January 14th

14 January 2019, posted by Deb Torvick

Daily Bulletin for January 11th

14 January 2019, posted by Deb Torvick

Daily Bulletin for January 10th

14 January 2019, posted by Deb Torvick

Daily Bulletin for January 9th

09 January 2019, posted by Deb Torvick


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Girl Scouts Troop 4300 Mtg in Cafeteria

Jan 17 at 3:00 PM to Jan 17 at 4:30 PM

No School

Jan 21 to Jan 21

Reset Your Body Systems Essential Oils Class

Jan 31 at 4:00 PM to Jan 31 at 7:00 PM

School of Excellence Celebration

Feb 4 at 1:30 PM to Feb 4 at 2:30 PM
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Jen Bartsch
Jen Bartsch
about 11 hours ago

Physics is Fun! Today in kindergarten, students explored inclined planes with angles of varying degrees and the impact they have on the speed of an object in motion. Rather than demonstrate these principles, adults in class posed questions, provided materials, and observed students in motion--discussing, predicting, testing, problem-solving, and redesigning. We began our day with a hunt around the room for inclined planes. We expanded our understanding midday with a discussion in the hall about inclined planes we have at school. At snack time, students used crackers, frosting, and milk cartons to design inclined planes. We tested the stability and effectiveness of our designs by rolling cereal spheres down the ramps and observing the results. Afterward, we used a variety of play materials to set our smaller, edible designs in motion. We spent the remainder of the day polishing our work. We have not formalized our discoveries and plan to revisit this important project right away in the morning. We are, as are our ramps structure, a work in progress. Check back soon to find out how this work advances our knowledge of fun physics! View Image

Jen Bartsch
Jen Bartsch
3 days ago

A Snapshot of our Week in Kindergarten: Students poured their hearts and minds into writing, building, and applying academic vocabulary this week in a variety of student-driven, authentic contexts. Here's a peek into what they explored... Kindergarteners took to writing independently and with their peers upon arrival time each day this week. They gathered their supplies, scattered around the room, and wrote sight words, names, descriptive sentences, labels for classroom objects, and recipes! All of these activities were entirely student-driven. They brainstormed, planned, problem-solved, collaborated, and congratulated each other's accomplishments stretching out sounds, recalling sight words, and forming complete, well-written compositions! Students composed blueprints and followed these designs to build incline planes/ramps. They tested their structures, revisited plans, and tested the overall stability and effectiveness with a variety of materials. This week, we will delve deeper into the physics behind forces (push/pull) as well as the impact the grade (the amount of steepness) has on the speed of an object traveling down an incline plane. Our STEM studies will be pretty exciting! This week, the students and I composed a recipe for melted (decomposing) snowmen that was comprised of several sight words the boys and girls had to recall. This was rigorous work that demanded an accurate recall of common words as well as proper penmanship within a small space. I took note of handwriting skills, fine motor control, decoding skills, and sight word recall. Our hands were tired after this two-day activity! On Friday, kindergarteners had to read their recipes for melted (decomposing) snowmen and follow the steps to make their snack for the day. They did a marvelous job and even attempted to compose (put together) their snowmen once more. This proved difficult, but many of them persevered! What an amazing week of learning in kindergarten! Our authentic, engaging activities emphasized writing, reading, social skills, engineering, science, and application of very complex terminology related to STEM. Who's ready for another fun-filled week? I AM! View Image

Tara Fierke
Tara Fierke
5 days ago

Thank you 8th graders for working at the campground taking down the lights today. You got a lot done and we're proud of all that you accomplished! View Image

Tara Fierke
Tara Fierke
5 days ago

Thank you to Tina Nelson from the Suicide Prevention Coalition for presenting to all high school students about the National Suicide Hotline, how to get help when needed and how to make a call. All students received a bracelet with the text number and hotline number. Remember, please seek help whenever you need - your school, family and friends care about you! View Image

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