Hail to our great battalions. Hail to our conquering heroes.
Hail, hail to Floodwood High our Purple and Gold.
Go, Fight, Win.
Hail to our team so gallant. Hail to our victors valiant.
Hail, hail to Floodwood High our champions brave and bold.
V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, victory, victory Floodwood High.


Come on let's raise our voices loud and strong.
Let's give a cheer to boost our team along.
Let's urge the Bears to fight with all their might.
And win a victory in sportsmanship tonight.
And be it win or lose we'll never fuss.
We'll make Alma Mater proud of us.
And with a loud and lasting hip hooray, hip hooray.
Friendly foes will play.

Please talk to Mr. Bartsch if your family is having trouble paying activity fees and he will work with you to figure out a plan


The Floodwood Public School Board supports the Floodwood Athletic Department’s dedication to providing student-athletes with a positive co-curricular program that encourages our students to grow as individuals and leaders by experiencing the importance of being part of a team and community. The Floodwood School Board supports the manner in which the Floodwood Athletic Department fosters commitment and loyalty to teamwork, school and community pride, leadership, good sportsmanship, and fair play.


The Floodwood Public School Board supports the Floodwood Athletic Department efforts to be an all-inclusive program that: provides access and opportunity for its student athletes, engages the school and community to ensure best practices are being followed; coordinates with students, staff, school board members, and community partners to foster a positive and effective environment; and places significant emphasis on sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle habits, and safe participation protocols.