In case of extreme weather, the principal is authorized to close school. When such conditions exist, the school system notifies local news media. The media in turn passes this information on to you. The decision to close school is made prior to 6:00 a.m. Unless you hear that school is closed, you should assume school is open. Your cooperation in not calling the news media or school officials is really appreciated.

If a decision is made to start school late, it will always start at 10:30 a.m. That means the buses will run two hours later than their scheduled time.

A parent may personally determine not to let their child come to school during severe weather conditions. Parents who so desire, may come to the school to pick their child up in inclement weather at any time during the day. We will not dismiss students upon a telephone request.

Children who are absent will receive an excused absence providing proper parental notification has been received by the school.

If a school is to be closed for any reason, the instant notification calling system will go out to you immediately. It is the parent’s responsibility to check your contact information in Parent Portal for accuracy.

School closing information is broad casted as follows:

TV Stations:
KDLH Channel 3, KBJR Channel 6 & Range Channel 11, and WDIO Channels 10 & 13

Radio Stations:
WTBX 93.9FM, Radio USA 99.9FM, WNMT 650AM, KDAL 610 AM, 95.7 KDAL FM, WEBC 560AM, KKCB 105.1FM, KOZY 1320AM, KMFY 96.9FM, WKLK 96.5FM, & KGPZ 96.1FM

Remember it is our obligation as adults to ensure that children dress warm for the Minnesota winter. Encourage your children to dress in layers. Always ensure that your children have good quality, warm clothing to cover their hands and heads.