School Social Worker

I was born and raised in Cloquet Minnesota. I attended St. Cloud and Arizona State University in my undergraduate studies in Political Science and Psychology. I moved back to Minnesota and Attended University of Minnesota Duluth and completed my Masters Degree in Social Work. I completed my Independent Clinical specialty as well as a student educator. In 2009, I got married, started a family and had three kids and one step son.  I started and ran Otterson Mental Health Services Inc. and practiced as an psychotherapist, Abnormal Psych. Specialist and did group, family, Individual, Couples counseling as well as ran homeless housing and crisis response debriefings. I closed my “brick and mortar” office in the end of 2019 when Covid made in person visits difficult. 

I come from the last 3 years substitute teaching, hockey coaching, and starting and developing the Tavern on the Range bar and Prioriello’s Palm Garden restaurant in Bovey, MN. I also learned how difficult it is to be a bartender and waiter. I also have recently enjoyed both fishing and guiding individuals in the Grand Rapids area.

 I am so excited and grateful to be here and I view this position as a “Dream Job” as most of my career has been on what I have come to call the “front Lines” of mental health practice.  I come from a family of educators and believe strongly in traditional education. I hope to make a difference here in Floodwood as I have many years of energy left to give. I love the Northern Minnesota outdoors and recreate in our difficult seasons, but I love to travel to the beach and love boats. On a more unique or odd note.also love ghost hunting and Sasquatch and antiques.

Mr. Troy Otterson
218-476-2285 ext. 70211