Newsletter of March 19, 2021

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March 19, 2021

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it

On March 15th, the Floodwood School Board and administration held a working session with consultants from SitelogiQ to begin the process of creating a new strategic plan that focuses on the learning needs of Floodwood students now and into the future. The school board will be searching for solutions to answer the key question: How do we ensure an excellent education for Floodwood students now and into the future?

SitelogiQ consultants outlined the strategic planning process and timeline. A task force will be created consisting of students, residents, business members from the community, nonprofit organizations and school board and district staff. The task force will be considering the current learning experiences offered to students and strategies they believe will be critical to offer an excellent education for students now and into the future. Key messages will be shared after each session to keep community members up to date of the progress of the task force. A completed plan is expected for presentation to the school board for consideration at the end of May. 

High School Band Concert

The 7-12th Grade  Band Concert recording is available on the district Facebook. Check it out!

Virtual Grandparents’ Day / Science Fair

A video recording of Grandparent’s Day and the Science Fair will be available online at the end of march. 

It's a tradition...Floodwood Graduates Succeed

The 2021 Scholarship Application window is now open.  Apply now! You will need 2 letters of recommendation.

No School April 1 - 6   (school resumes April 7th)

In-person Drivers Training at Floodwood School

March 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31 & April 1, 2, 5, & 6 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Must be at least 14 by March 24th

$150 for the class

$50 for the Blue Card, which decrease the price of Behind-the-Wheel sessions

Sign up in the school office ASAP - we need at least 12 students. If questions, contact or stop in the office.

Open Positions Now Available

School Days:  5AM-7:45AM, 4PM-9PM  (5AM-7:45AM, 5:30PM-9PM when spring sports start)

Non School Days including Weekends and Holidays:  5AM-9PM

How to sign up

Family Pandemic Food Support (P-EBT) 

New Benefit for Families!

If your household has not yet applied for Free/Reduced meals for this school year, it is beneficial for you to apply ASAP in order to qualify for these additional benefits. If you didn’t qualify earlier in the school year, but your income has changed, you may apply now to still receive benefits retroactively.

MN Dept of Education will determine your benefits based on eligibility and days of our school’s distance or hybrid learning days.

Benefits will begin to arrive monthly directly to families in late March  and are strictly confidential. Contact  Melanie at for information on applying for free /reduced meals -or- for other questions, contact the P-EBT Hotline and Help Form for Families at 1-833-454-0153 or submit questions online through the P-EBT Help Form.

Thank you for keeping your kids home with symptoms and getting tested.  We are grateful for your dedication to keep the students in person learning.  


Student COVID-19 Testing Update

At Governor Walz’s direction, MDE is removing yet another barrier to testing: the UPS drop box. While some kids live down the street from a drop box, it’s quite a haul for others. Students will now be able to send their Vault-at-Home tests back to the lab through their schools.

How this works:

  • Students or families order tests through the Vault-at-Home program (remember tests are no costs to Minnesota residents).
  • Students complete their test at home.
  • Students seal their sample tube and place it in the biohazard bag. The biohazard bag then gets sealed in the shipping bag that came with the test. The shipping label sticker is attached to the bag.
  • Students bring their sealed shipping bag with the shipping label to school on 
    • March 23rd
    • April 7th 
    • April 20th
    • May 4th
    • May 18th. 

Based on the requirements of MDE our learning plan must be listed as a Hybrid rather than In Person.

Students will be in the building Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, with Wednesdays virtual for all. The number of positive cases in St. Louis County and in our school show that our students and staff can be in the building without the stricter guidelines, but because we are distance learning one day, we must list our learning plan as Hybrid. We thank you for your continued support of socially distancing and wearing your mask.

The Potential Dangers of Energy Drinks

In 2011, 1,499 adolescents aged 12 to 17 years went to the emergency room for an energy drink related emergency.

Some of the dangers of energy drinks include:

  • Dehydration (not enough water in your body).
  • Heart complications (such as irregular heartbeat and heart failure).
  • Anxiety (feeling nervous and jittery).
  • Insomnia (unable to sleep).

*Save your health and money by drinking plenty of water and avoiding energy drinks.  

Travel Requirements:

Flight travel and tourist destination travel requirements:

Out of the country travel:

14 day quarantine to return to school is required

  • Must be symptom free
  • Follow strict social distancing guidelines
  • Does not live with anyone who is C-19 positive

Flight travel and tourist destinations within the U.S:

14 day quarantine to return to school is always the safest option

10 day quarantine is allowed if strict social distancing guidelines were followed on vacation

  • Testing is encouraged after day 5.
  • Order your test here. COVID-19 Test at Home.
  • No symptoms
  • Follow strict social distancing guidelines
  • Has not been exposed to anyone with C-19.  

7 day quarantine is allowed if the following:

  • School has a copy of the negative result.  Test taken 5 days after return.
  • Order your test here. COVID-19 Test at Home
  • No symptoms
  • Strict social distancing
  • Has not been exposed to anyone with C-19.  

Please help keep our school open.  If you traveled and feel you may have been exposed or are experiencing symptoms, please quarantine for the full 14 days.  


Weekly Stats as of 3/19/2021

15,276 total cases in SLC

289 total deaths

72 total cases in FW

22.22 % per 10,000 Central SLC

61,790 SLC vaccinated 1st dose

37,320 SLC vaccinated 2nd dose

MN COVID-19 Dashboard

Situation Update for COVID-19 - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Weekly Stats as of 2/4/2021

14,282 total cases in SLC

256 total deaths

67 total cases in FW 

20.19% per 10,000 Central SLC

23,507 SLC vaccinated 1st dose

6,957 SLC vaccinated 2nd dose

Weekly Stats as of 1/08/221

13,063  total cases in SLC

225 total deaths

53 total  cases in Floodwood

40.69% per 10,000 Central SLC

Weekly Stats as of 12/2/20

9,290 total cases in SLC

117 total deaths

41 total  cases in Floodwood

138.4% per 10,000 Central SLC