Newsletter of March 31, 2021

Enjoy the Spring Break! Floodwood Connect starts back up on April 7th - 9th. Hopefully in-person learning can start on April 12th. Stay safe!

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Starting March 30th Vaccine eligibility opened to anyone age 16+ (with parental consent). The vaccine is FREE.

St. Louis County Public Health will continue to prioritize frontline workers, seniors, and individuals with underlying health conditions. 

Vaccination Scheduling: 

Call 218-726-2623  or email  

Or use the Vaccine Connector: 

Vaccine Connector / COVID-19 Updates and Information - State of Minnesota


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  • Spreads more quickly

  • Can cause milder or more severe symptoms in people

  • Can evade detection by specific viral diagnostic test

  • Located in St. Louis County

  • More variants found


Order it today so you have it on hand.

Order: COVID-19 Test at Home

*Call Floodwood School ahead to see if you can drop if off at the school for UPS.  


Cases are on the rise.  Floodwood has had 8 cases in 10 days.  (This does not include surrounding areas.) 


  • COVID spreads 2 days before a person shows any symptoms

  • COVID is contagious for 10 days after symptoms show up.

  • It can take 14 days for symptoms to show up after being exposed

  • COVID can look like a headache, allergies, common cold, strep throat, flu, food poisoning, fever….. In mild cases only one symptom such as a runny nose. 

  • COVID affects every person differently (mild for one person could mean severe for others).

For this reason we ask students on quarantine to stay home for 14 days.  If they continue to be social, it puts more people at risks and can compromise the in person learning model, prom and graduation.  

MN COVID-19 Dashboard (updates on Thursdays)


MDH does not recommend any travel at this time.